Monday, May 01, 2006

What's Happening in Turmos Aiya?

[As our correspondent from Turmos Aiya has apparently decided not to participate in a public discussion, I thought I'd publish some interesting comments posted by residents of Shilo and anonymous writers who appear to be 'Palestinian' Arabs.]

Sara of Shilo wrote on Wednesday, March 08, 2006

We haven't seen a post by either of you in quite a while--are you still blogging? I'd love to hear more about every day society in Turmos-Aya; what is a typical day like? what do people do for amusement? or for work? what subjects do the children study in school? is the curriculum different for boys and girls?

Does anyone in Turmos-Aya believe that it would be okay for Jews to continue to live in a Palestinian state on the West Bank? Or are most people opposed to such an idea? I've been told that before the Second Intifada, things were better between Jews and Arabs--is that true in your opinion?

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Anonymous said...

to whom it may concern
im a resident o f turmos ayya and really do care that some jews walked into my ancesters land took it from them for that i will make sure that shilo no make sure that palestine is back to its right full owners