Monday, May 01, 2006

Response to Sara,

[Posted by anonymous on Friday, April 28, 2006 ]

Dear Sara,

Let me tell you my father's point of view. He worked with Jews outside of Palestine & in Palestine he dealt with them in many businesses. He even joked about one of your scouts in our area before the British handed our country to a new colonials in the name of religion & just for Jews who suffered in your Europe. [The] man's name was Shmidt. He was an archeologist. My father met him in Jerusalem.

Even my father or me now have no objection living with a Jew from Palestine because he has every right just like me to live in this beautiful land. NOW if that means he is going to confiscate my land destroy every thing that comes in his path the story changes, sorry to till your successive governments have nothing in their little minds but KILL, DESTROY, CONFISCATE, IMPRISON, MORE WIDOWS, CUT TREES ESPECIALLY OLIVES BECAUSE THEY ARE HISTORY.

One day we will live in peace, it's as sure as you are looking at your screen now. Again but not as oppressors & oppressed as humans [with] dignity, future, education, respect & all other humans wish in their dreams. HISTORY CANT BE IGNORED 4 EVER its about time your GENERALS REALIZED THAT, for THE SAKE OF OUR KIDS & YOURS.



[Editor: I fleshed out short forms and corrected obvious spelling but did not change the words in the text.]

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sarah said...

To my Palestinian correspondents--

I'm Sara. I don't actually live in Shilo--I live in Jerusalem. I have four children, one boy and three girls. I asked the questions I asked because I know what Hamas says; I know what Abu Mazen says--their sayings are in the newspapers and on the news. But I ask you about peace and about living together because you are our neighbors. Governments come and governments go, but the people of the land and their families are still here.

No, I don't want to oppress you, nor do I want my children to oppress yours....all human beings are entitled to dignity and fairness, in my opinion. On the other hand, I do not want my children slaughtered because of Palestinian belligerence and hate. So far, in the last 4 generations, the only Arab answer to our desire for a sovereign state where we don't have to be oppressed ourselves, is to promise our death and destruction. Or so it seems to me. If you feel differently, or feel I have misunderstood the recent history between our peoples, then tell me how you think it is?--sara