Monday, May 01, 2006

Strange You Should Ask

Posted by anonymous on Friday, April 28, 2006

Strange you ask these questions you no better than any body else how our kids live. Let me give you an idea if you don't know.

First step toward going to school--did you sleep well my son ? No mother the sound of shooting from the soldiers scared me I could not sleep--don't worry son they are only trying to scare us -- give me some food mother I am late--eat at school son you no u get sandwiches their --but mother if the soldiers come we will be locked in till they go--ok I want you to study bring high marks to show to your father he wants to be proud of you- ok mother I do not want to go to the university there are so many road blocks on the way to Ramallah ---don't worry son they wont be there when you grow up--ok mother then I want to get big tomorrow.

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Turmos Ayya Lover said...

This is a true example of how Palestinian kids live everyday!!! do u think u need more examples!!!