Monday, April 17, 2006

Shamed to Death

A must read. Although it doesn't use the language, the report actually does a very good job of explaining how the "Shame-Honor" dychotomy of Arab culture/psychology is exploited in the recruitment and manipulation of suicide bombers.

Another described how he approached individuals who were suspected for collaborating with Israel, suggesting that a suicide mission would erase the blemish that they have caused themselves and their families. In yet other cases, suicide bombing was offered as a way to erase the shame and “dishonor” that a rumor about suspected female sexual misbehavior caused the woman’s family. Offering to become a shahid and commit suicide to restore the tarnished family reputation was a strategy that recruiters used to recruit candidates. In January 2004 the first Hamas female suicide bomber, a mother of two small children from Gaza who was suspected for an extra marital affair, was driven by her husband to the checkpoint where she blew herself up.


Anonymous said...

can you give a link to the article please?

Yoel.Ben-Avraham said...

Sorry ... the link in the post must have become corrupted.

Anonymous said...

Plato argued in The Republic, that one of the four unjust societies was Timocracy, a society based on honor. While he intended Sparta, there is no better example than modern Islamic society.