Friday, March 09, 2007

Response to "Miracles"

Written by Ghanem on 3/9/07

Theodor Hertzel, the father of modern Zionism, was secular. He wasn't really a Jew. So therefore he had fooled thousands of people to believe that Palestine was the land of the Jews.

Now I understand the Hebrews and Arabs have lived on this land for thousands of years. But miraculously there weren't problems between the two until the rise of Zionism. So that leaves one question the motive of Zionism. After the holocaust Jews came into Palestine by the thousands and more and more problems started to rise. I think that Zionism is the enemy here!

Did you know that this first terrorist attack in Palestine was when a Jew came into a mosque and opened fire on innocent civilians?

I personally don't understand why you support settlements. How can you live on land that was confiscated from Palestinians? Shilo is partially built on Turmos Ayya land, and you support that? I think that if you just opened you eyes you would realize what is going on! Look at the situation between Shilo and Turmos Ayya. People from Turmos Ayya can't even freely move about the town. How many times have we been harassed by the Israeli army? How many times have Israeli hummers entered Shilo and invaded your guys homes? How many times has the hummer entered Shilo and made all the boys at school line up and get searched? Don't you think that something is wrong with the Israel's policies and how the treat Palestinians? How can you be so blind and silent about a crime this big??


Anonymous said...

Dear Yoel & Ghanem:

I am glad to see this blog active again. As any dialoge is better than no dialogue.

It seems to me that Ghanem is very incorrectly informed about a histroical events. I don't mean this as an insult. When people have incorrect information, then maybe they don't make good decisions. Garbage in; garbage out.

I am wondering if Ghanem might talk about the differences in condtions for him between now and before September 2000. Did he ever experience being shot at in car while driving?

I am also hoping Ghanem can give us some documentation about the claim that land was confiscated and the Shilo sits on Tumos-Ayya land. And I am hoping Yoel can give us some background on Israel's claim that the land was ownerless or "state-land" whatever that means.

I also would like you guys to comment on this thought: I do not believe that the issue between the Jews and the Arabs is a land dispute, because land disputes can be negotiated, compromised and settled. I think the issue goes more to the heart that historically Arabs have only lived "peacefully" with Jews when Jews were dhimmi. So Ghanem, I ask you, "Does Islam permit Muslims to live as equals with non-Muslims, or must non-Muslims live as second-class citizens?"

I have other questions, but I'll save it for another time. Thanks for doing this.

With great respect for both of you,
Barbara NYC

Anonymous said...

Dear Barbara,
Shilo is built on two towns surrounding it, that is a fact. If that isn't enough for you. then think about the number of settlements in the West Bank. How many of them are considered legal under international law? None! The West Bank is supposed to be Palestinian land under the Palestinian Authority, not under the Israeli military.

As for me, I very well know the historical events of my town. When you live there you see the real deal, and I'm telling it like it is. As for your question, if I’ve ever been shot at, well yes I have. Rubber bullets, tear gas, and I’ve been brutally beaten! All because a young Israeli soldier wanted to do as he wanted. And I‘m not the only victim.

The conflict certainly is about land. Although its not the only reason for the conflict it certainly plays the biggest role. Barbara think about the massive wall that has been built inside the West Bank. Do you really think it is a temporary security fence? The wall is strategically built to confiscate more land and more resources, isn’t that obvious? Injustice occurs every day in Palestine and there is no other subject treated in such a bias manner. Palestinians are treated like second class citizens in our own country.

As for your other question whether Muslims and non-Muslims could live together, the answer is yes. The Prophet had this Jewish neighbor. Everyday the neighbor would throw his garbage at the Prophet‘s? door! Then, one day, the garbage stopped appearing.
The Prophet wondered why and asked people about what had happened to his neighbor. He was told that the neighbor was sick, in bed. So, the Prophet went and visited his Jewish neighbor to make sure he was OK and to wish him well. So touched was the Jewish neighbor that he later converted to Islam. Here is a link that will better answer your question Barbara, I think you will find the information quite interesting-

I would like to know more about you Barbara. Have you ever lived in Palestine, Israel or settlement. If so, I think that you will find what I’m saying to be relevant and accurate. You don’t know how bad things are in Palestine for the Palestinians until you experience it first hand.

Ghanem 03/13/07

Unknown said...

Asking "who started it" is seldom productive, but it is very important in this case that equation not be made between the premeditated and intentional murder of Israeli civilians for the goal of causing terror and indignities and injustices that Palestinian civilians may suffer, however severe or unjust. When you were shot with rubber-bullets and tear-gas and beaten, was there no provocation from your village? Did the Israelis simply show up out of the blue to persecute you? Was there no rock-throwing or perhaps a 'resistance' group? Certainly no one makes that claim as a general occurrence.

That is not to say that being partially subject to a military administration is far from pleasant and creates many situations in which the innocent are wronged, and we can and should empathize with your pain. We just cannot make the equation that you suggest. When Israeli civilians are shot, the bullets are not rubber, and the stated intent is to kill them.

As an aside, judgements calling Israeli settlements illegal do so on the basis of the Fourth Geneva convention, and do not assert that any land was stolen.