Monday, February 26, 2007

You want miracles? I'll give you a miracle!

“By the way do you think that any miracle can happen and you guys leave Shilo and return the land to its original owners?”
In a manner of speaking, miracles have already happened. You just need to be able to open your eyes to recognize them for what they are.

A people who lived on this land since the beginning of recorded history; a people who never gave up on their connection and ownership of this land; a people who persevered under the hardest circumstances to return to this land in every generation; this people has finally succeeded in restoring their sovernity over much of what the Western world calls “the Land of the Bible.” If that isn’t miraculous, I don’t know what is.

You ask if a miracle can happen that the Jews would leave Shilo and return the land to its original owners?

Amazing! Long before Mohamed started the Islam religion, a thousand two-hundred years before the conquest of Jerusalem by Islam in 638, the Jewish People lived here in this land. The more appropriate question would be, do you think that a miracle can happen and that your people will finally recognize the true owners of this land and return it to its original owners – the Jewish People!


Anonymous said...

I'm found this website and wanted to post a comment. From what I have read on this website, it seems that both people from Tormusayya and Shilo are optimistic for a better future. I believe that Palestinians and Israelis would like to live together or at least state by state in peace. So who do you think is the enemy? I think the enemy is the Israeli government, which is lead by zionists. The Palestinians are facing horrible conditions. Israel has humiliatied the Palestinian people and it continues to lie to the international community. Think about the apartheid wall that Israel built in the West Bank. This wall does not follow the 1967 border (The Green Line). Israel claims that this is a temporary security fence, when in reality it is just a move by Israel to steal more land from the Palestinians. Anyone who has the least bit of knowledge will know that Israel is the real terrorist! So I want to know what your reaction is Avraham?

Ghanem 3/7/07

Yoel.Ben-Avraham said...

So who do you think is the enemy? I think the enemy is the Israeli government, which is lead by zionists.

Thanks for participating Ghanem. It is a good thing to discuss things openly between peers.

You ask "Who is the enemy?" That's a very good question. First you must understand that "zionism" - the desire of Jews to live in the Land of Israel, is intrinsic to Judaism just as, say, facing Mecca is to a Muslim. If you take it away, it isn't Judaism, its something else. So all Jews are the enemy?

I think the "enemy" are those forces that refused to live in peace and mutual respect! The same non-elected (or elected by sham elections) Arab governments who refused the UN partition, refused Israel's offer of a negotiated peace after 1967 and continue to refuse to recognize the right of the Jewish People to live as a sovereign nation in the Land of Israel (despite everything the Koran itself says about the Jews right to live there!)

So who is the enemy? Those seeking accommodation and mutual respect, or those who just as soon murder their brothers if they attempt to speak as equals with Jews?

Anonymous said...

Theodor Hertzel, the father of modern zionism, was secular. He wasn't really a Jew. So therefore he had fooled thousands of people to believe that Palestine was the land of the Jews. Now I understand the hebrews and arabs have lived on this land for thousands of years. But miraculasly there weren't problems between the two until the rise of zionism. So that leaves one question the motive of zionism. After the holocust Jews came into Palestine by the thousands and more and more problems started to rise. I think that zionism is the enemy here! Did you know that this first terrorist attack in Palestine was when a jew came into a mosque and opened fire on innocent civilians? I personaly don't understand why you support settlements. How can you live on land that was confiscated from Palestinians? Shilo is partially built on Turmosayya land, and you support that?? I think that if you just opened you eyes you would realize what is going on! look at the situation between Shilo and Turmosayya. People from Turmosayya can't even freely move about the town. how many times have we been harrassed by the Israeli army? how many times have Israeli hummers entered Shilo and invaded your guys homes? how many times has the hummer entered Shilo and made all the boys at school line up and get searched? Don't you think that something is wrong with the Israel's policies and how the treat Palestinians? How can you be so blind and silent about a crime this big??

Ghanem 3/9/07

Turmos Ayya Lover said...

lets kinda of agree on what you said, Jews were in Palestine thousands of years ago; but the question that poses itself at this moment, is it Judaism or Zionism that rules the Israeli government? Before the establish of the Zionist State, Muslims, Jews, and Christians in Palestine lived in peace without any problems between them, when Omar Bin Al Khatab came and liberated Jerusalem back in the days, he did not force anyone to leave his land nor to convert his or her religion. Today Zionism is kicking people out of their land and if, too bad they do not accept anyone in their religion, or they would do so!!!!