Thursday, November 16, 2006

Former TY Resident Writes from LA, USA

hey, how r u ?

well i just found about your blog yesterday the one between turmosayya and shilo. i even put up a post , not showing up so far.. well im not writing this email to bash the jews and say this land is my land, b.c this thing will never get us any step closer to peace.

i noticed u guys asked the turmosayya resident about his reaction to the bombing in Tel earlier this year, can i ask u about ur reaction about what the palestinians suffer, lets say ur reaction to a pic of 6 month old babe killed ? would u also say thats a self defense??? and other subject i wanted to see ur reaction on is that of confiscating palestinian lands ?? do u just say its a jewish land we havee the right to it ?? before u answer that question think of this indian american tribe takes over lets say chicago and say this land was ours before any american stepped on it!!!!!! and they started to confiscating and demolishing whatever comes in their way.

anyways im from turmosayya and now in the U.S grew between tormusayya and Los angeles, always dealt with jews, i'd love to see ur blog more active, one more thing about confiscating lands!! how was ur reaction when i don't know who made the move, but in maybe 2000-2002 the started a small settlment all the way east of the valley on top of the mountains.. im looking forward for ur answers and have no problem with posting this if u want on ur blog..


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