Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hello from Turmos Ayya

Hello Yoel,

I am writing now from Turmos Ayya, since I'm now renting a house here for the time. Thank you for replying, and that's a great picture you've sent.

I'd like to know a little more about Jewish life in the West Bank, do you find it difficult? For us it is an ongoing struggle. We have the Israeli army vehicles coming into the city everyday, and were not given our primary rights. Its just an ongoing struggle.

By the way, could you send more photographs, that would be great. I'm sending you a picture of Shilo from our view. I'd like you to show me how Shilo is in the inside, they say its relevant to America.

well thanks,
I'll keep you posted
Turmos Ayya

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Anonymous said...

A Step closer;
hey i was googling around my town's name and came up with ur site.. i noticed latest blogs are at least six months ago, i still wanna write something here.. so far i spent 2 thirds of my life in tormusayya, and now in the U.S as many of my folks. i still go visit around once every couple years. anyways i think its great to have such a dialog between the neighbors. im not writing here to say you people took our land... even with the struggle going around i just hope one day we will live side by side, and i think its very possible, i remember in the summer of 1999 things were going soo smoothly around, i mean whenever we were going out of town, we would see a palestinian farmer selling vegtables on that highway around tormusayya to what we call settlers... anyways tormusayya just like any small town is made up of 90% born in that town, and their families are also from there, yes i would say at least 40% of tormusayya residents are also living in the U.S, my Question is what Shilo made up of? i mean the current reisdents were they born in shilo? i know the're should be some by now, or coming from out of the region. such as from russia or Europe or even U.S.. when i was 14 years old i used to go to play soccer in Singil, town across of tormusayya on the west side, and always loved to come down @ night, and see how diff the town looked from there, if any of u have picture of shilo side i wish u guys can post them somewhere or if ur willing to email'em let me know at thanx