Monday, February 06, 2006

Some Tentative Answers

Dear Yoel and Readers,

First of all I would like to apologize for the long absence. No I didn’t stop answering your questions or comments, rather I had many computer problems (keyboard stopped functioning) and unfortunate internet connections, although now everything is back to normal and hopefully will stay this way. Thanks to those who were concerned, but I couldn’t inform you what was happening. (I’m safe and sound.)

In an earlier blog entry, I expressed myself as being shocked about a Jan.19 suicide attack in Tel-Aviv. I also said “something like this had to happen, only to make it more difficult for our elections to proceed.” Yoel commented that it made arabs seem cruel that I didn’t show any sorrow for what had happened to the Israelis, rather I focused on the negative outcome that would have hit us...(maybe our elections would have been delayed, or Israel would have banned voters in Jerusalem…) Rather this being a “slip of the pen”, as Yoel suggested, I consider this more of a misunderstanding. Usually, when I hear of a suicide attack on Israelis, a smile wouldn’t appear on my face, nor any form of happiness. As a Palestinian, I don’t think that killing innocent civilians (in cases women and children) as a solution to an existing problem. Islam forbids taking the lives of the innocent in battles, wars, and conflicts.

On the other hand, attacks on military vehicles/bases/areas are admitted, (telling you by faith.) Anyways, I do have concerns about my own people and country, especially when were going through what may lead me and the Palestinian peoples future. Now when you said that this “creates the feeling that Arabs are heartless and cruel” what did you mean in terms of “Arabs?” Did you mean all Arabs worldwide or the Palestinians perhaps? Or is this a bad case of “a slip of the pen.” It’s another problem that many point their fingers at Arabs and Muslims for all sorts of issues!..........

Now also in your reply to my previous blog, you asked some questions, and here are the answers as numbered by you:

When did Turmos Ayya start building outside the "Tel" area?
1- Builing around the Tel area is unsure exactly, so I took a strole myself to these houses and noticed the dates carved in stone going back to the early 1900’s, no earlier. The more modern houses around them date to the 20’s 30’s......Mostly in the 50’s our population started rising, therefore I can answer your question as”in the 1950’s”
When did you finally receive electricity and piped water?
2- Again, unsure when exactly, but I think sometime in the early 60’s, I’ll have to get back on this one
Where do you send your children to school?
3- Our city contains 4 schools. An elementary coed from grades1-5, an all boys school (grades 1 to12), an all girls school (grades 1 to12) and a kindergarten. Our schools are not coed from 6th grade and up, beacause we don’t belive that the mixture at such age is apropriate, since Islam bans dating and unneccesary social interaction between males and females.
How many mosques are there in your village?
4- There is 3 mosques (masjids) in our city. Two are currently open to the public througout the day for prayers, but only one is used for the Friday noon prayer. The other is the ancient one first built long ago, that still stands today.
Do you have an infirmary or health clinic in Turmos Ayya?
5- Ofcourse, we have a clinic run by an educated doctor. Other than him, a hospital currently opened about 2yrs ago with good equipment.
When you go to larger urban centers to shop etc where do you go? Nabulus?
Ramallah? Some place else?
6- When I go shopping or if I need anything not available in the city, I go to ramallah, where I can find almost anything, and there’s also american goods.


Anonymous said...

Dear R.O.T.A.

>>Islam forbids taking the lives of the innocent in battles, wars, and conflicts.<<

So, are you saying that someone who blows himself up, murdering lots of other people, say at a restaurant, or on a bus, or at a discoteque, or in an office building is in violation of Islam?

westbankmama said...

Thank you for writing - I enjoy hearing about your village.

YMedad said...

I recall asking one of the teachers in Turmos Aya in the mid-80s if he would teach Arabic at Shiloh for the adults here. I then went to Education Minister Navon to get a special budget but he wouldn't agree. Too bad as it could have contributed towards tentative getting together.

Freedomnow said...

Nicely done. Although I disagree with your contempt towards the self defense measures taken by Israel I know that you are a Palestinian and so you naturally side with your people.

Please keep in mind that the inconveniences you face save lives. It would be nice if terrorists did not hide among civilian populations in order to attack people who are on their way to work, at a restaurant, dancing in a nightclub or partaking in a happy wedding celebration.

Your condemnation of the intentional killing innocent civilians is most welcome.