Thursday, January 19, 2006

My day

As I wake up early in the morning and step outside, I look over to my right and see far on the hill an Israeli Settlement. The only thing separating me from it is a highway and some fields, and little did I know, there are residents, citizens, families, and workers living an average daily life as I do here in Turmos-Ayya. This is a separation of two different peoples, each bound to their land and beliefs. As a Palestinian, I dare not cross the valley that both belongs to and is forbidden to be entered by us, for which the Shilo city "controls." I know this as a fact, since many have suffered by going there. I also know many who own lands there and cannot harvest crops in it......What a loss.

Many of our primary rights here have been taken from us. One of the important ones are traveling. Going to other cities as an Arab is very hard, especially with all the checkpoints and pull-oversaw we go through. Once as I was going to Jerusalem wit's my family, there was a checkpoint ahead of us. The driver had a yellow license tag, but did not stop to be checked. As we passed by with sorrow upon those who made the stop (nearly 20 vehicles), I wondered why we were among the Israeli travelers, who would also pass by undignified the long traffic line.

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